I was so happy I got to visit this beauty yesterday! Even wore my Maleficent disneybound for the occasion. :)


God I love dagged sleeves.  Almost as much as I love slashed ones.  I just want to dag and slash everything I can get my hands on.
I’ve wanted Maleficent to be the first villain in the series for a while now, ever since I made the mental leap between Maleficent’s horns and 15th century horned hennins.  The time period works out pretty well, actually, since I wanted her to look a little more dated than Aurora’s 1480’s getup- both houppelandes and horned hennins were all the rage during the early- to mid-1400’s, and they make for pretty good analogues to her official costuming.  Sexy stuff.
This proves more than any of the previous pieces that these are adaptations, not improvements.  I mean, look at the original Maleficent design- how does one improve on PERFECTION
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Fantasmic! on Flickr.
Fantasmic! on Flickr.
Fantasmic! on Flickr.

Walking Maleficent.
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