I just wanted to post a couple pictures of the Ren Faire last weekend, because I don’t think I posted anything beyond that instagram picture!

The off white in the skirt/top is a vintage dress (circa 1970) handmade by my grandmother and for my mother. It’s still in seriously perfect condition. The style is really a full length with mutton sleeves, but I just turned those inward for the illusion.

The skirt I made, being just a simple drawstring.

Buuuuut I just wanna share about my bodice.

I originally had bought a fabric for it (which was later used for the pouch I have attached to my belt - I made Rachel one as well) but then my mom brought home a fabulously vintage suitcase in the floral print you see above.

Yes, I completely destroyed a suitcase (and I think that picture was before I was even done - and let me tell you, that fabric is ridiculously thick and lined with plastic or something). I based it off of the bodice in my Merida dress just for the general shape, but you can obviously see that major changes had to be made (ex. there’s no zipper in the back, the front had to be open, etc.) So, I didn’t even really use a specific pattern. The lacings were a new experience too with trying to put those grommets in.

So all in all, I’m quite pleased with the outcome for all the work I put into it. :)

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