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Today marks 43 years since Walt Disney World first opened.

Halloween Countdown
October 1, 2014
30 days till Halloween

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Another lovely day in the park 💕 (at Buena Vista Street)

toevenbelieve: Hi Hayley! I'm visiting the parks next weekend, and I know that there is a sort of halloween theme going currently. What sort of changes have been made to the parks to make it more halloween-ey?


Halloween time is super fun, so it’s great you’ll be able to go!

Decorations are all around the park - mainly Main Street, but a few other areas have little things as well. Treats in the bakeries all are generally Halloween-ish or villain related.

Main Street offers the Dapper Dans of Disneyland, who are currently in Halloween colors and sing mostly spooky songs.

The biggest thing is probably Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” themed overlay for the Haunted Mansion. Additionally, around the area in New Orleans Square, Jack Skellington and Sally are doing meet-and-greets!

Big Thunder Ranch offers a Halloweentime Carnival, which is really adorable. Mickey and his friends are found in their Halloween costumes here, there’s little carnival games, coloring, an amazing pumpkin carver who’s constantly making beautiful Disney pumpkins, a magic show on stage, and the Conjure a Villain tent. The Conjure a Villain tent, I think, is a must-do if you’re looking to do Halloween stuff - it’s a meet and greet for villains, and it’s a surprise who’ll you’ll get!

Other than that, in DCA, the Mad T Party has a Halloween overlay - which I’ve only experienced a few times, but all the pictures of it seem fun and festive for the holiday!

Also, on select nights they have Mickey’s Halloween Party, which is a blast! You trick and treat all around the park, get to wear costumes,  there’s a ton of characters meeting, shorter lines for rides, an adorable Halloween cavalcade, etc. - it’s considered a special event though, and requires its own ticket to attend. If you can’t go to that, at least be aware that on certain days Disneyland may be closing early for that!

I don’t think I’m leaving anything out…so I hope that answers your question, and that you have a magical trip! :)

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