Anonymous: Who is going to Disney World with you?

Tyler, my parents, my sister and one of her friends!


2014 Tokyo Disney Halloween Treats!

Anonymous: Have you applied to work at Disney yet since you love it and are always there. Why not get paid too?

Well yes, I have applied - I recently got hired! I haven’t officially started yet but I am on my way to being a cast member. :)

2⃣0⃣ days until our INCREDIBLE disney world vacation!! ✨🏰💕

Disney princesses + happiness

Having a spooktacular evening! ✨🎃 (at Mickey’s Halloween Party)

Almost at Mickey’s Halloween Party!!!!

Halloween decor at Magic Kingdom Park (x)


Honey Lemon’s Purse

Anonymous: I was planning to buy mickey's halloween party tickets today, but it's sold out D:. Am I still allowed to dress up when I visit that day? Are other people going to dress up, because i don't want to be the only one.

Aw, I’m sorry!

I think you would still be able to get away with wearing a costume that day - I don’t normally recommend it, because it seems to be a little iffy on what is and isn’t accepted anymore, but I think you’ll be okay. I’ve seen a few costumes on non-party days even!

I’d say bring another outfit or just some pieces to change into just in case there is an issue. But for sure, if it’s a party day you wouldn’t be the only one dressed up! Also, make sure if it’s a Disney character, you aren’t impersonating them or anything, no photos with guests, etc. - because that would be the thing that would cause issues!

Good luck either way, and have fun! :)


Sleeping Beauty concept art iPhone wallpapers for anon :) 

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